Enrollment Re-opens March 2018

Enrollment Re-opens March 2018

Want to stand out in the health and wellness industry?
Well, giddy up. Because YOUR WELLNESS BRAND is an online course designed to help you do just that.

It teaches you how to leverage your unique set of qualities, passions, and life experiences to create a one-of-a-kind wellness brand. Yup, you are your greatest branding asset, let's use it.

How It Works

This 8-week video learning program guides you through a key 4-part process that will help you determine the most authentic way to position yourself as an expert.


Your “You-ness”

Discover what personal experiences, strengths, and perspective give you an edge as a health coach.

Your Practice

Learn to powerfully attract the right clients by gaining a deep understanding of your target audiences biggest needs & desires.

Your Brand

Learn how to use your personality and style to create a one-of-a-kind visual and written identity for your brand.

Your Strategy

Discover exactly what aspects of your website you can DIY and what you can outsource so you never waste money.

The Curriculum

Here's what you'll learn.
  • WEEK 1: YOUR YOU-NESS & TRUTH MODULE 1 The first step to creating your health coaching practice is pulling your focus inward, connecting to your heart and intuition. Through in-depth writing exercises, we will define the essence of who you are and what makes you unique. RESULT: You, crystal clear on the value you have to offer and exactly what makes you unique.
  • WEEK 2: YOUR JOURNEY, MISSION & VISION MODULE 2 This week is dedicated to clarifying the role health and wellness has played in your life and the “why” behind your work as a health coach; both of which will help you choose the focus and specialty of your practice. RESULT: You, with your unique story, mission statement, and business vision.
  • WEEK 3: YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE MODULE 3 This week is dedicated to choosing your target audience, creating an ideal client profile, and learning about how you can best serve their biggest fears, challenges, and desires. RESULT: You, clear on exactly how to make a meaningful connection with your potential clients.
  • WEEK 4: YOUR SERVICES & PRICING MODULE 4 This week is focused on outlining your coaching program and offerings. We’ll also tackle pricing so that you feel confident charging what you’re worth! RESULT: You, with solid program outlines that will resonate with your target audience.
  • WEEK 5: YOUR BRAND IDENTITY MODULE 5 This week we dive into what branding really means, why it’s essential to creating a successful practice, and how to start laying the foundation for your brand. RESULT: You, clear on the vibe, personality, and voice of your brand.
  • WEEK 6: YOUR DESIGN AESTHETIC MODULE 6 This week is dedicated to giving you clarity about your design preferences so that you can create a website that feels like you. Have fun finding websites, logos, photos, and visual elements that you love! RESULT: You, with a clear vision of the beautiful website and brand you’re going to build.
  • WEEK 7: YOUR WEBSITE CONTENT MODULE 7 This week will inform the content you need to create for your website specifically for your Home, About, Services, and Contact pages. RESULT: You, clear on what content you need for your website and how to craft it.
  • WEEK 8: YOUR ACTION STEPS MODULE 8 This week will guide you through which elements of your brand you can DIY and where you need to outsource to an expert, i.e. logo design, copy, or photos. And set you up with an action plan to execute. RESULT: You, with a clear and practical plan for bringing your brand to life online.

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About Blair

Blair is the founder of Blair Badenhop, Inc., a brand strategy and copywriting service destination for wellness entrepreneurs. As a certified health coach and former marketing leader at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she has a unique understanding of the wellness landscape and what makes a marketing message powerful and effective. She has supported over 100 coaches and entrepreneurs in creating meaningful and authentic brand identities for new website and program launches. Her clients have included industry leaders like Jadah Sellner, Nitika Chopra, Alexandra Jamieson, Anita Moorjani, Parsley Health, Kavita J. Patel, and Pursoma.

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