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Want to be the next wellness industry darling?
Then, you've got to figure out what makes you and your business unique so that you stop blending in and start standing out.

First, congratulations!

You’ve done what most people never do: found both your passion and your purpose in one beautiful place–the health and wellness industry.

It may have taken you a while to land here. Or maybe you always knew this was the direction you’d take in your career.

Either way, my guess is you’re already…

  • Teaching people how to reduce stress with the 4-7-8 breathing technique.
  • Showing people how to meal prep so they have lunch and dinner for every day of the week.
  • Helping ladies break up with dieting so they can finally fall in love with their bodies and fully live their lives.
  • Writing inspiring blog posts, newsletters, and social media captions to a growing, loyal tribe
  • Speaking on Facebook Live about how self-love is the magical remedy for a broken heart, an epic failure, and an episode of overeating.

There’s an exciting, semi-complete vision of the impact you’d like to make and how you’d like to support people. And every time you think about it, your cells have a little dance party.

But when you consider the how part of getting from “just starting out” to “dazzling success story,” the self-doubt creeps in.

Nope. I can’t do this. It’s too weird.” Then, you don’t press publish on the vulnerable blog post.

“She’s doing exactly what I want to do. I can’t compete.” Then, you get ADD and change your wellness specialty every week.

“I’m barely getting clients. There’s no way I can make enough money to do this full time.” Then, you cry on your couch and want to throw your laptop into a wall.

“I’m a total failure. No one shows up to any of my workshops or webinars.” Then, you sheepishly pull down the invite and vow to never promote something again.

“My Instagram following is so small. I’ll never catch up.” Then, you skip posting on Instagram for weeks.

“There are already 99,999 other health coaches out there. I’m too late to the game.”  Then, you seriously consider giving up and Google other career options in wellness.

You Can't Help Comparing Your Progress to Everyone Else's.

Because amazing coaches and entrepreneurs pop up on your Instagram feed and the success they’ve built feels so far out of reach.

They have what you want.

  • Thousands of email subscribers
  • 50,000+ Instagram followers
  • Envy-inducing websites
  • Celebrity connections
  • International credibility
  • Outgoing personalities
  • Pages of glowing testimonials
  • 3 published books and 1 on the way
  • Gorgeous waterfront apartment

You feel yourself lean in and think…“I want that level of success and joy and freedom too.”

But then you hear doubt whisper…“Ugh. I’m so far behind. I’ll never get there.” 

This internal battle and these external distractions often result in rushing or getting so caught up in overwhelm that you do nothing at all.

And truly, you’re nowhere near where you want to be.

Breathe In That Sigh of Relief Because Your Sanity Saving Strategy
Is Right Here.

Meet Your Wellness Brand

A 10-week group coaching program designed to get you unstuck and in motion towards creating a distinct wellness brand that represents the real you, gets you noticed, and makes you a natural magnet for your clients. You’ll have direct access to interactive group coaching sessions with me so that I can guide you step-by-step.


"Before Your Wellness Brand, I wasn't attracting the right clients consistently. Now, the right people are finding me and my client consult calls have drastically improved. I used to be a bumbling mess, and I’d sign on 1 client per every 5 conversations. Now I close 4 out of 5 consults. I’m also happy to say I paid myself back the tuition I invested in Your Wellness Brand within a few months."

Kara Ferreira, Women's Health & Fertility Expert

Hey, I’m Blair Badenhop

Brand Strategist & Copywriter

I have a thing for words, chambray shirts, and red lipstick, and have had the pleasure of working with 150+ health coaches, best-selling authors, and thought leaders from around the world in defining their one-of-a-kind value and voice online.

I’ve found that one of the biggest mistakes people make when establishing their businesses is not defining what makes them unique. Instead, they often launch generic, carbon copy websites that don’t effectively connect with anyone.

Been there. Done that. Doesn’t work.

What the traditional marketing experts won’t tell you is that when you have a personal brand, you don’t have to invent a separate persona: a funny, outrageous, stylish, or exaggerated version of yourself.

The unspoken secret to standing out and making your mark is being yourself and branding yourself. Truth is, authenticity, truth-telling, and transparency are what build trust, make you magnetic, and inspire people to hit the “buy” button.

So, instead of launching your business with an incomplete vision and a whole bunch of unnecessary mistakes, let’s get clear on what makes you unique and establish a strong personal brand that will actually result in getting what you really want: freedom to do what you love.

YOUR WELLNESS BRAND was designed to help you leverage your most valuable branding asset: you.

What You Get

Weekly Video Lessons

Each Monday, one video lesson will be released for you to watch in the learning center.

($500 VALUE)

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

90-minute group virtual discussions about the weekly lesson and on-the-spot advice and coaching from me.

($1000 VALUE)

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Receive 2 private 1:1 sessions with me to get additional guidance and support.

($1000 VALUE)

The Playbook

This workbook contains the homework assignments that correspond to each lesson.

($250 VALUE)


I provide real-time feedback on the copy you write in the course so that you walk away with solid website copy.

($4000 VALUE)

BONUS #1: Copywriting Lesson

I've opened up about my entire copywriting process so that you can use it for everything you write.

($1500 VALUE)

BONUS #2: Social Media Lesson

I share how I grew my Instagram following and the best way to leverage each social media platform.

($1500 VALUE)

BONUS #3: Sales Call Formula

Learn how to have authentic and strategic conversations so that you can convert leads into clients.

($500 VALUE)

Lifetime Access

All course material including the video modules and clarity exercises will be accessible to you year after year.


Private Group

Where you'll get additional guidance and feedback from me and connect with your fellow classmates.


How It Works

YOUR WELLNESS BRAND will guide you in clarifying the most authentic way to position yourself as an expert and teach you step-by-step how to create your brand online.


Your “You-ness”

Discover what personal experiences, strengths, and perspective give you an edge as a health coach.

Your Practice

Learn to powerfully attract the right clients by gaining a deep understanding of your target audiences biggest needs & desires.

Your Brand

Learn how to use your personality and style to create a one-of-a-kind visual and written identity for your brand.

Your Strategy

Discover exactly what aspects of your website you can DIY and what you can outsource so you never waste money.

The Curriculum

Here's what you'll learn.
  • WEEK 1: YOUR YOU-NESS & TRUTH LESSON 1 The first step to creating your health coaching practice is pulling your focus inward, connecting to your heart and intuition. Through in-depth writing exercises, we will define the essence of who you are and what makes you unique. RESULT: You, crystal clear on the value you have to offer and exactly what makes you unique.
  • WEEK 2: YOUR JOURNEY, MISSION & VISION LESSON 2 This week is dedicated to clarifying the role health and wellness has played in your life and the “why” behind your work as a health coach; both of which will help you choose the focus and specialty of your practice. RESULT: You, with your unique story, mission statement, and business vision.
  • WEEK 3: YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE LESSON 3 This week is dedicated to choosing your target audience, creating an ideal client profile, and learning how to about how you can best serve their biggest fears, challenges, and desires. RESULT: You, clear on exactly how to make a meaningful connection with your potential clients.
  • WEEK 4: YOUR SERVICES & PRICING LESSON 4 This week is focused on outlining your coaching program and offerings. We’ll also tackle pricing so that you feel confident charging what you’re worth! RESULT: You, with solid program outlines that will resonate with your target audience.
  • WEEK 5: YOUR BRAND IDENTITY LESSON 5 This week we dive into what branding really means, why it’s essential to creating a successful practice, and how to start laying the foundation for your brand. RESULT: You, clear on the vibe, personality, and voice of your brand.
  • WEEK 6: YOUR DESIGN AESTHETIC LESSON 6 This week is dedicated to giving you clarity about your design preferences so that you can create a website that feels like you. Have fun finding websites, logos, photos, and visual elements that you love! RESULT: You, with a clear vision of the beautiful website and brand you’re going to build.
  • WEEK 7: YOUR WEBSITE CONTENT LESSON 7 This week will inform the content you need to create for your website specifically for your Home, About, Services, and Contact pages. RESULT: You, clear on what content you need for your website and how to craft it.
  • WEEK 8: YOUR ACTION STEPS LESSON 8 This week will guide you through which elements of your brand you can DIY and where you need to outsource to an expert, i.e. logo design, copy, or photos. And set you up with an action plan to execute. RESULT: You, with a clear and practical plan for bringing your brand to life online.
  • WEEK 9 & 10: INTEGRATION WEBSITE CREATION These two weeks will be devoted to putting everything you've learned into action: completing your website copy, finding a web designer, choosing a photographer, etc. I'll be there to support your decisions and give feedback. RESULT: You, on track to launch your website.
  • BONUS #1: Copywriting 101 Bonus Lesson Get my whole copywriting process in one straightforward, simple, and digestible audio lesson, where I will guide you through how to write copy in your own voice. You, more comfortable and clear writing copy for your website, blog posts, and beyond.
  • BONUS #2: Social Media 101 Bonus Lesson Learn how to leverage social media to grow an engaged community, and my strategies for building a following of over 13,000 on Instagram. You, with clarity about exaclty which platform you should be investing time in and how to make it work for you.
  • BONUS #3: Sales Call Formula Sales Call Formula This in-depth guide lays out the 10-step process to having great sales conversations with potential clients that will increase your conversion rate dramatically. You confident and clear about how to convert more leads into to customers.
Your Wellness Brand and Blair were beyond my expectations. I got the grounding and clarity that I was looking for and feel so happy with what I am creating as a result. I now have a website that reflects my story, my mission, and the impact I want to make. I'm attracting my soul clients and my fitness training sessions are booked!"

Maya Lieber, Health Coach & Personal Trainer

The Results

In just 10 weeks, you’ll walk away with:

  • CLARITY: A clear understanding of who you are, what you stand for, and how to bridge the gap between you personally and you professionally
  • FOCUS: An exciting focus for your health coaching practice or wellness business that feels aligned with your personal experience, education, and natural talents
  • CONFIDENCE: A belief in yourself and your value as a business owner and the motivation to keep moving your dreams forward, instead of second-guessing them
  • CLIENT “WOO-POWER”: A detailed target audience profile that empowers you to understand the inner world of your ideal clients so that you can always create content and programs that will resonate and sell
  • CLIENT-FOCUSED SERVICES: Outlines for your service offerings that are positioned perfectly for your soulmate clients’ needs, while also being fun and fulfilling for you
  • BRAND ASSETS: A clearly defined brand personality that allows you to always infuse your voice, your words, and your heart into everything you write + an exciting vision for the visual elements of your website design that are100% inspired by your own personal style
  • WEBSITE COPY: Full website copy including your Home, About, and Services pages so that you have the right words to make a meaningful and trustworthy connection with your audience
  • SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY: A foundational social media strategy and content plan that makes it easy to create captions and use images for your core platforms, and to provide value to your followers

You're Probably Wondering, "Is This Program Right For Me?"

The Answer Is Yes, If...

  • You know that you’re meant to make an impact in people’s lives with your expertise, but you don’t know how to market yourself
  • You have no idea how to set yourself apart from other coaches and you worry that you’re just spinning your wheels and wasting precious time
  • You’ve resisted choosing a target audience for fear of excluding people, yet you’re barely attracting any clients as it is
  • Your current website doesn’t feel like a real representation of you or clearly convey what you specialize in
  • You aren’t sure what branding really means beyond having a logo and you’re interested in learning how to leverage it
  • You’ve gotten so caught up in feelings of comparison and competition that you feel pressured and rushed to catch up
  • You’re approaching your marketing, branding, and sales efforts with more ego than heart, and it feels stressful and inauthentic
  • You crave support and guidance on how to create a great website and brand, but don’t know where to start or who to trust
  • You’re currently enrolled in or a recent graduate of a nutritionist training program or wellness coaching program, and want to set your biz on the right foot
  • You’ve been in the industry for years and have only worked with a handful of clients, and feel lost about how to really make this coaching business work
  • You pride yourself on having integrity and wanting to be a source of good in the world, and are repelled by sales-y promotional tactics
"Your Wellness Brand is so different from all the other courses I’ve taken. It opens up a whole new approach to branding that no one else has put together, and it gave me a new perspective on how to approach my business."
Mariana Thompson, Health Coach

Ready to be a client magnet?

Apply Now!

It’s Time to Stand Out So Your Clients Can Find You & Hire You

Your Wellness Brand was designed to help you tune into your truth, access your creativity, and infuse that into every piece of your business foundation.

When your brand is an extension of you, you naturally attract the clients who relate to you, your story, and your services. And once you attract the right clients, you make huge strides towards your goal to be a full-time health coach.


If there’s a part of you that’s thinking…

  • “Hmm, I don’t know if the timing isn’t right; it might be better to wait.”
  • “I don’t think I can swing the cost, I need to set aside money for next time.”
  • “I’m not convinced this is going to help me.”

I’d like you to consider this.

Not taking action now, means you’ll continue to:

  • Not making progress towards launching a beautiful, distinct, and magnetic online wellness brand
  • Not fully understanding how your story, your talents, and your passions can all be integrated into one business
  • Not making key efforts to grow your email list and set yourself up with important marketing assets
  • Not attracting the clients you really want to work with or getting consistent “yes’s” from your consult calls
  • Not moving towards the freedom driven lifestyle you want and feeling envious of everyone else who does
  • Not understanding the unique needs, challenges, and desires of your ideal client and continuing to miss the mark with your marketing
  • Not clarifying your unique specialty, offerings, and messaging to set yourself apart
  • Not feeling confident in your value or continuing to second-guess your expertise, making it impossible to be a magnet for your tribe.

Ugh, right?

I believe you’re here for a reason. Whether you’ve been following me on social media, reading my weekly emails, listening to my podcast, or stumbled upon this page through a friend, if you’re here right now, this course was designed for you.

“When I decided to completely revamp my website and rebrand myself, I was overwhelmed by the task of creating copy for each page of my new website. Blair came highly recommended as someone who could help me with content development. Giving her the project was one of the best decisions I could have made. She made the process so easy for me, and took all the stress right off my shoulders! She grasped the nature of my work with ease, and immediately knew how to eloquently share it with my readers. I’m so happy with the copy and highly recommend Blair and her work!
Anita Moorjani
New York Times Bestselling Author of Dying to Be Me
“Blair is what I’d call a conscious creative. She infuses all of her work with heart and intention, which is such a gift in the fast-paced world we live in today. Having worked with her in a number of capacities over the years, I’ve seen it first hand. Most recently, she was the photographer for a photo shoot + interview I did, and it was an absolute joy to work with her. I highly recommend her as a creative running buddy, especially if you’re in the wellness space.
Sarah Anne Stewart
Founder of Holistically Slim
“I feel like I won the lottery when I met and hired Blair. She has incredible integrity (which is uber important to me), a kind heart, and is tremendously hard working; she always makes me feel like we can figure anything out together. I started working with Blair on one project that was close to my heart and before that was even complete, I literally couldn’t wait to hire her for all of my editorial and copywriting needs moving forward. She really captured my voice so clearly, I can’t recommend Blair enough!
Nitika Chopra
Talk Show Host + Self-Love Guru
“Blair’s process and presence really helped us get to the root of what I needed my website to convey. After spending time together, going through my story and business goals, she helped me craft a message and format for a beautiful site rebrand. I couldn’t be happier with the results!
Alexandra Jamieson
Author & Functional Nutrition Coach, and Co-Creator of Super Size Me


  • When does the program begin? Monday, October 1st.
  • How long is the program? The course is ten weeks long.
  • How will I get access to the program? Upon enrolling, you’ll receive an email that provides you with a username and password to access the learning center. This is where you’ll find all course materials including each weekly module and the Your Wellness Brand Playbook.
  • What’s included in the program? Eight video lessons, ten live coaching calls, 2 private 60-minute sesions with Blair, weekly homework assignments in the Your Wellness Brand Playbook, copy feedback from Blair, and a private facebook group where all of your assignment details will live.
  • When will I get access to the lessons? You’ll receive a weekly email that alerts you each time a lesson has been released. And you’ll be able to watch them via the learning center. Simply log in and the course will be ready for viewing!
  • When are the live coaching calls? The coaching calls will be held via Zoom video conference and you'll be able to choose between a morning and an evening call time.
  • What if I can't make the coaching calls? Not to worry! They will all be recorded and shared in a private Google Drive.
  • What if I have questions once I enroll? You’ll be able to connect with me via the private Facebook group or shoot me a message through the contact section of the learning center. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Is this course ONLY for health coaches? Nope, it's applicable to every wellness entrepreneur that has a service-based business. There is mention of health coaching throughout the lessons and assignments, but the material will still apply to you!
  • Can I get all of the lessons at once? No, the course is meant to be taken one module at a time and the order is important for the learning process.
  • Can I learn at my own pace? Absolutely! You will have lifetime access to the video lessons, so you will always be able to go back and review the material.
  • How much does the program cost? The total cost is $3500 or 6 monthly payments of $650/month.

A Love Note From Me

If you’re here right now, then you’re meant to make a mega difference with your passion for wellness and innate gifts for motivating and inspiring others to change their lives for the better. Getting from where you are now to where you want to be in your business requires an investment in yourself and your future. This is an opportunity to say yes and start bridging that gap. And I can’t wait to be your teacher, cheerleader, and guide.